Evolution feature request

I’ve returned to using an email client for all email. I have used Evolution in the past and had a look at others and must say that i think Evolution is the best - well laid out and a pleasure to use. I do have a feature request which i hope developers will consider.

I would love to have an addressbook similar to Gmail’s Contacts where one can include not just email addresses but phone number, postal address and postcode. Thus in effect being a literal address book for everything.

Hi, Evolution already offers this.

It does offer phone number but not address. What i meant was having contacts similar to Gmail’s Contacts that one can scroll through and then insert.

At present i just compose email from Gmails GUI after i have inserted contacts and then use Evolution for replies.

“File > New > Contact > Mailing Address” offers address. I don’t know Gmail Contacts… What do you mean by “include” or “insert” and from where to where?

Sure it does. See below screenshot from Evolutions Mail’s Contacts manager.

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You mean the buttons to the upper left, in the new mail?
Those open up the contacts manager, where you can choose who you want to mail, if the receiver isn’t cached already, at which point it’ll insert an address when you start typing.

See the below screenshot.

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