Evolution fails to collect email

I am using Evolution on the Zorin 16 Linux OS, on a desktop PC. Have posted my problem on their forum but not much success.
The application regularly fails to download email from my provider, Runbox. I have checked all the required configuration, password, etc and it is all correct. I have also spoken to the team at Runbox and they don’t see any problems at their end.
It means I have to regularly check the webmail interface for new messages because I cannot rely on Evolution to download them in a timely manner. I use POP3. The application is configured to check for emails every 4 minutes, sometimes I get a few that are time sensitive hence the regular checking-time. I sense that perhaps the application is freezing…sometimes I will close it down and then, when it starts up again, it might actually download emails.

I do not have any complex set-ups or requirements, just a straightforward email-in email-out and retain messages in the archives within the Evolution client where required.
I’m not well-versed in Linux technical jargon so any thoughts on this problem please keep as simple as possible.

Hi and welcome. Please provide your exact Evolution version, and see Apps/Evolution/Debugging - GNOME Wiki! how to get more information. Also, Evolution shows a “Send & Receive” dialog if you press F12 twice - are you sure that Evolution does not collect mail, or does it maybe collect mail and you just cannot find/see it in Evolution? For the latter, see I cannot see some emails, where are they?

When asking for help, it’s important to say what version of Evolution
you have. See Help->About. The specific distro is not usually
important, but it may be helpful to say what desktop you use (e.g.
Gnome, KDE, etc.) and if you installed Evolution using your distros
package manager or via Flatpak.


Hello, many thanks for those replies.
Right…my Evolution is 3.36.5-0ubuntu1
The desktop, I’m assuming is Gnome because it was all installed from Zorin 16 when I downloaded the entire OS file for installation…I never made any changes to the desktop type. Likewise Evolution simply installed itself directly from the master OS file (along with Thunderbird and , I think, another one…can’t fully recall now.).
When emails arrive, I can normally see them pop up in my Inbox. If I go to the provider’s web interface, the emails are there but greyed out (meaning that they have been downloaded to my client). Any emails that haven’t downloaded to Evolution are still in bold black type.
I’m just about to read the links that Andre provided, so will have to return here a bit later.

I’ll just note that that version is several years out of date. The
current version is 3.50.x. That may not explain the problems you’re
having but it would be good to update if possible.


I’ve just gone to my software repository and checked. It seems the version 3.36.5 is the only one available…the description also says “updated–never”. Presumably this means that only an outdated version is available for Ubuntu and related OS, I understand that updates are only added to a repository if considered “stable”.
I’ve checked the other links given by Andre and the article “I cannot see some emails” is one I’ve now read but can’t find anything amiss in my settings. The debugging stuff is rather above my skillsets, unfortunately. I have to conclude that probably Evolution isn’t reliable in my particular OS, which is a shame because it otherwise seems to perform ok.

I don’t use Ubuntu, but many people with Evolution do, and I’m
reasonably sure that a later version exists. Perhaps it hasn’t been
packaged for your distro. You could install a Flatpak version (though
that has its own quirks) but I suspect the problem you’re having is
more related to your configuration and/or your mail server.

You might want to ask on the Evolution mailing list:


which is a slightly different community from Discourse and seems to
have more traffic.


Thanks poc, I’ll look into that link you gave.

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