Evolution: Exactly how does "Allow for sites" work?

I tried to send this the Evolution mailing list about 12 hours ago but it disappeared into the ether and with no bounce or reject or any other reply. I’ve heard of other people having this happen as well. Unfortunately the infrastructure around that mailing list doesn’t seem reliable, at least not for everyone. Note I am subscribed and I am receiving email to that list, I just don’t seem to be able to send it.


I don’t want to load all images in HTML mail but I do get automated email from some sites where I do want to automatically load the image.

The image URLs in the email are like:

<img src="http://somehost/static/image.png" ...>

Note that “somehost” here is NOT a FQDN, it’s just a simple hostname. Of course, that hostname is resolvable via my domain search path.

When I go to Edit → Preferences → Mail Preferences → HTML Messages, I have “Never load remote content” and “Notify about missing remote content” checked.

I assume that by “Never load remote content” it really means, “never load remote content EXCEPT FOR the “allow for” exceptions below”.

If I add the URL “http://somehost” or “http://somehost/” as “Allow for sites:”, it doesn’t seem to work at all. No images are loaded for email. I’ve tried stopping / restarting Evolution but it just doesn’t work.

On the other hand, if I go to the email and see that the sender of the email is “service@somehost.domain.com” and I add “@somehost.domain.com” to the “Allow for senders:”, then it works OK and the images are loaded automatically.

I should say that if I use CTRL-I to force-load images it of course does work, so it’s not that the images can’t be loaded.

Any ideas why “Allow for sites:” doesn’t work?

there is compared and expect only the host name, thus use the
“somehost” only.

The easiest is to click the “broken image” icon on the right side of
the message headers, then click the “arrow down” button beside the
“Load Remove Content” button and pick from there whom you’d like to
allow the load of the remote images for. No need to manual edit the
values in the Preferences.


Oh I see. If it wants just the hostname maybe it would be useful to check the value and error on invalid hostnames. Thanks for the tip about clicking on the image!

It took me a little bit of looking to notice the broken image icon… maybe it would be better to make it a bit more noticeable somehow: a special background or maybe adding a title to it, not just an icon, or making it more obviously a button, with a border, instead of just an icon.

But, now that I tried it, it is easy!!

there is filled

I’m not sure of the outcome of it at the moment, but it exists at

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