Evolution email: how to find the reply to a message in inbox?


For messages in the inbox that I have replied to earlier, sometimes I’ll need to send a follow-up, and it would be helpful to look at my previous reply as a reference. Is there a way to jump from a message in the inbox to its reply?

I know I can switch to the sent folder and search for the subject line or the address, but this seems to be very cumbersome. I’m wondering if there’s an easier way. The read/unread icon on the left in the message list would show an orange-colored arrow indicating that it has already been replied to, so Evolution must have already known which reply it is corresponding to. But I can’t seem to find, for example, anything relevant in the context menu when I right click on the message.

Evolution version: 3.46.4

AFAIK there is no one-click button based on messages’ Reply-To IDs to jump to some previous message in a thread, however you could set up a Search Folder to include all messages from a thread.

Thanks for the reply and the suggestion. I tried creating a Search Folder based on the subject line, and it indeed works. This might work well for threads that I may want to track for a longer period, but is still a bit too complicated for a temporary quick look.

On the other hand I also tried creating a Search Folder that combines Inbox and Sent, which works more similarly to other mail clients, to see if it can replace the normal inbox. I think this has the potential to work better, but I noticed a usability issue currently: the Search Folder doesn’t seem to remember the scrolling position but always starts somewhere in the middle. Every time I open Evolution I had to scroll a lot to get back to the latest emails.

each folder remembers the last selected message and when you enter the
folder again it selects it (if it exists) and scrolls the message list
to it. It should work the same for the search folders. It does for me
at least (I just tried it, also with a search folder which combines an
Inbox and a Sent folder).


The Search Folder does remember the last selected message when I just switch between different folders and back. But it doesn’t when I close Evolution entirely and open it again. In this case it’s always the same particular message, originally from one of the Sent folder, selected.

Looking more closely at this, it seems that when I start Evolution, the content of the Search Folder is not immediately ready, but I can see the list being populated. And the pre-selected message I think is the one of the first to appear, which happens to be the latest message in one of my Sent folder. Could it be some kind of a race condition here?

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