Evolution: Email bodies not shown anymore


since today, I have the problem that Evolution Email suddenly does not show email bodies anymore, but only the headers. This affects my private email account as well as my account for work. It does not matter if I use the preview window to read emails, or if I double-click on an email to open a new window, the bodies are not shown. The only successful way is to view the email in raw format. Maybe I have changed some setting, but if so, it was without intention and I cannot remember to have done that.

Any idea what’s wrong?


Hi and welcome. Please always provide Evolution version information, and in this case also WebKitGtk version. Your version of WebKitGtk is probably too old. This should be fixed in Evolution 3.46 and 3.48 in theory.

what is your Evolution and WebKitGTK version, please?

I suspect the WebKitGTK had been updated and broke Evolution.
See for example:

but there are many other bugs related to the WebKitGTK change.


if you are using Debian or a Debian-based distro this is likely due to a regression with a recent WebKitGTK update. There is an updated version of Evolution now available that should fix the problem.

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