Evolution does not open attachment files (PDF, CSV, TXT)

I just installed Fedora 37 to my laptop and restored evolution backup file.

With the new Fedora and Evolution installations I cannot open attachments from incoming mails any more. Cannot find from configs in which folder evolution keeps its temporary files. I expect that these file are opened in temp folder and I started to wonder do I have access rights to that one.

Never seen this kind of issue before as been using evolution as a email client with the Fedora distros for a very long time :slight_smile: .

Evolution version: 3.46.2 (3.46.2-1.module_f37+15771+ac82e58b)
Fedora: 6.0.18-300.fc37.x86_64

Is this a Flatpak package or a native rpm package?

An rpm installation through DNF.

evolution.x86_64 3.46.3-1.fc37 @updates

Sorry, just noticed that there was both dnf and flatpak installations for evolution email client.

From these two the flatpak version was 3.46.2. I do not recall using flatpak after Fedora installation. After uninstalling flatpak evolution, the attachment issue is gone.

Now using the dnf installed evolution 3.46.3-1.fc37. Working good!

I believe you installed the Evolution from the GNOME Software, which
“defaults” to offer Fedora Flatpak builds. If users are not paying an
attention to the source of the application (which is quite common, I
sometimes overlook it too) they install it, instead of the RPM version.
When both are installed, the Flatpak version takes precedence when
running the application from the desktop environment.

You’re right, it seems to be like that.

Thanks for you comments Andre and Milan!

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