Evolution does not display new messages

Evolution version 3.30.5-1.1 (distributed in Debian 10) does not display messages after KDE pops up a balloon announcing new messages. New messages are also not displayed if it’s run in the gnome window manager.

Evolution 3.48, distributed in Debian 11 Testing (new stuff for Denian 12), also does not display messages.

Thunderbird displays the messages. The messages are on the mail server’s page.

Setting CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx and redirecting evolution stderr output to a log file shows the headers for the messages in the log (but not the bodies).

So the messages are arriving and Evolution is not displaying them.

Any suggestions for how to make them display are welcome.

See I cannot see some emails, where are they?

Evolution 3.48 does not exist (yet).

I had already checked the things noted in “I cannot see some emails, where are they?”](I cannot see some emails, where are they?)

I doubt it was any of these things because Evolution reads messages when I boot my damaged Debian 10+11+12? testing, the one in which the user interface is mixed up, and log in with the same home directory.

Do you need the CAMEL_DEBUG output? Where do I send it?

Evolution 3.48 was apparently installed along with Debian 11 Testing. I have no idea where they got it.

I created a new account (on my computer) to read the same account (on the mail server). It has no trouble receiving messages.

Is there something I should “diff” so you can figure out why the original account stopped receiving messages?

you opened multiple threads on the evolution-users list, and also this
thread here. Let’s focus on one place, to avoid duplicity, the same as
I’m going to ignore the duplicates on the mailing list and will respond
only to the oldest message, the first you sent about this subject:


I opened several threads because I was having several problems.

The important message is the last one: I got it working, and now I’m curious whether you’re curious about what caused the problem. To repeat the last question in the last message in the thread:

Is there something I should “diff” so you can figure out why the original account stopped receiving messages?

Apps/Evolution/Debugging - GNOME Wiki! when the problem can (still) be reproduced.

there is not much to debug here. I explained what happened in my reply
on the mailing list in the thread I referenced above.

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