Evolution - Can I use directory-first sort order when selecting an attachment?


When adding an attachment, Evolution presents a file manager style window which works as expected except that directory contents are shown in pure alphabetical order. It would be good to have this with all directories first. My file manager does directories first, so it is something specific to Evolution - perhaps.

It is possible (likely?) that the window Evolution uses is a widget from the underlying gui library, so it might be something that crops up elsewhere.

Is there something I do about this?

I’m using XFCE in Debian 10.


Mike S.

Assuming that Evolution uses GTK’s filechooser dialog rather than re-implementing its own UI, the following should work:

$ gsettings set org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser sort-directories-first true

Yaay! Thanks for that. copy/paste - done. Didn’t even have to close the app and restart.

I’m clearly going to have to learn something about gsettings.

Thanks again, for a spot on response.

You can also control that setting when right clicking in the dialogue:

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Oh good grief! I never even thought … Oh well. Thank you, that’s so much simpler :slight_smile:

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