Evolution: Backup and restore of Follow Up flags and Follow Up Due Dates

Question: I have started using Follow up flags and Due dates recently and I love the workflow they offer. However, I just moved to a new PC and lost all my follow up flags and due dates.
Is it correct that these are not exported with an Evolution backup and import? Or did I do something wrong with the Backup/Restore?

it depends, especially on the account type you use the feature with.
The follow-up flags cannot be saved on the server (at least not every
server allows it), thus these are stored only locally. The On This
Computer folders are part of the backup, but those remote accounts,
like IMAP and others, where Evolution stores only local copy of the
server content, are not part of the backup, because the restored data
contains the account definitions and the messages are on the server,
thus the messages are re-downloaded from there.

You can copy ~/.cache/evolution/mail/ on the other machine (if the old
one is still available), to get in sync not only account definitions,
but also the local cache of the remote accounts.


hi Milan, thanks for the reply and tips, but this copying of the cache (I did indeed have it on my old PC) did not restore the Follow Up Flags either.
I moved from Ubuntu and EVolution from Flatpak to Fedora and Evolution from the Fedora repo. Could that be the cause?

Flatpak stores the files in a different place than the distro (RPM/deb)

The Flatpak has the files under:


which you might want to copy to (replace with):


on the new machine. Run evolution --force-shutdown before and after
you copy, to make sure no processes access the old files.

There depends on the UID-s of the discovered accounts, which should be
preserved when being restored from the backup (at least mostly

If you are interested only in the mail part, then copy only the mail
subdirectory, not the whole evolution.