Evolution and RSS feeds: how do you add new feeds?

Application version:
Evolution 3.46.1, flatpak
Distro: Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon 64-bit

According to the news file for Evolution, Version 3.45.2

Implement News & Blogs (RSS) reader

What I don’t see is how to actually use this feature. I’ve looked through all the menus and I don’t see an option to add an RSS feed from a URL. How can I actually use the RSS reader feature of Evolution?

use Edit->Preferences->News and Blogs section (that’s on the left, just
above the Plugins section), where you can click an Add button.

You should have the News and Blogs shown both in the folder list on the
left of the Mail view (there, where you can see “On This Computer”),
unless it’s disabled under Edit->Preferences->Mail Accounts.

I installed Evolution from Flathub.org and it does contain all of


Thanks, that works!
(I don’t see an option to mark the thread as solved?)

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