Eog Shortcuts Suggestions


Firstly, according to GNOME HIG, we may use the F9 shortcut for Side Panel and Alt+Return to Shows properties for the current content item.

We have the Alt+Return shortcut for properties.. IMHO, we may also add the F9 key as a shortcut for the properties panel, because it’s also a side panel.

Secondly, zoom-normal action has a few shortcuts.
Users can use Ctrl + 0 / Ctrl + KP_0 / 1 / KP_1 shortcuts to exec zoom-default. There is a bit usability problem that the user cannot use 0 / KP_0 / Ctrl + 1 / Ctrl + KP_1 to exec zoom-normal. I may implement it If there is nobody against it.

Finaly, we have no shortcut (except the F key) for the zoom-fit action. In this situation, users cannot exec the zoom-fit action using the num pad. If they hadn’t been used for the zoom-normal action, we could have used the 0/KP_0 keys for the zoom-fit action and the 1/KP_1 keys for the zoom-normal action.

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