Engagement team meeting call (November 2020)

Hi all,
Monday (November 30th) at 18:00 UTC we will have our next engagement team meeting call.
Please feel free to add the topic(s) you would like to discuss about or give updates.

Etherpad link: https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/engagement-team-meetings

Join us here: https://meet.gnome.org/b/kri-ahs-rrn-g49



Notes from the meeting.


  • oliverp
  • Kristi
  • Sri
  • Melissa
  • mdb
  • Rosanna
  • Sri


Working groups update

  • Molly is having the fundraisers and we are getting a good number of donations. More people are joining.
  • We have a bunch of posts that are ready to be published.

Onboarding team

  • Try*ing to figure out what to do and put on some tasks and have more discussions. Right now the team is working on scalable metrics.

Work with CHOASS has paused till January. @Sri had a talk at GNOME ASIA about onboarding.

Social Media team
@Caroline has put together an announcement calendar. The earlier we share the better it is.

Announcing the winners of Challenge on December 2nd and we will have social media tweets going out.

December Initiative idea

Clean the Engagement Gitlab tracker of old outdated bugs and issues.
Background: Given that it seems as both that the engagement team and foundation have quite a few interesting initiatives in the works and as 2021 is approaching maybe it could make sense for members and staff to go over the Engagement Gitlab and close old, outdated Engagement bugs during the coming weeks. -oliverp

Link: https://gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Engagement

LAS update


38 speakers/talks
310 attendees
People from 82 countries attended
88% male attendees
Median age :31-42 old

Overall a great experience
The conference saw lots of growth.
Opportunity to add tracks to conferences for exposure
Positive feedback from sponsors

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