Engagement team meeting call (March 2021)

Hi all,

Monday 2021-03-29T18:00:00Z we will have our next engagement meeting call.
In this meeting we will also discuss for the Chat Evaluation Initiative where we can discuss and share thoughts.

Etherpad link: https://etherpad.gnome.org/p/engagement-team-meetings

Join us here: https://meet.gnome.org/b/kri-ahs-rrn-g49

See you then,


Here are the notes from the meeting enjoy.


  • Kristi
  • Caroline
  • Rosanna
  • Sri
  • Daniel
  • Melissa


  • Last meeting:
  • Chat Evaluation
  • Social Hour
  • GNOME Latam event
  • Events update
  • LAS
  • Challenge updates
  • Google Season of docs

Meeting Notes

Chat Evaluation

  • Deadline for survey is this Wedensday

  • After deadline Kristi and Neil will evaluate data

  • have recieved many responses

Social Hour

  • First one probably second week of April?

  • Would like to invite the winner of the Community Engagement Challenge as speaker

  • @Kristi has other guest options as well

  • Will update discourse with guest info

  • Could possibly turn social hour into GNOME podcast - needs feedback on how to do this

  • TODO: put out call to community to see if anyone is interested in contributing to a podcast - editing audio, etc.

  • TODO: @kprogri Sri will ask Nathan Willis about this


  • Took place March 27 (Sat)

  • Talks were in Spanish and Portuguese

  • @Daniel’s update

  • Talking about how everyone can get involved in GNOME/open source if you’re not a developer.

  • Translators, designers, etc.

  • Was a great experience for many people who don’t speak English

  • 10 speakers

  • Already thinking about GNOME Latam 2 - lots of interest from the people who attended

  • @Sri: did you feel the event was well supported, was there anything else we could have helped with?

  • @Daniel: getting the video off BBB could be more accessible

Event Updates


  • CfP closing tomorrow (was extended by 1 week, has gotten more talks submitted)

  • We’re fixing somethings on the Registration, but will open soon

  • Molly is working on getting Sponsors - she has some who have already said yes to sponsoring

  • working on some accessibility items - possibly a sign language interpreter, evaluating BBB for accessibility issues and getting in contact with BBB rep

  • @Melissa working on conference activity ideas:

  • LAS

  • @Caroline looking into Merch for LAS

  • Sponsorships and partnerships are doing ok - we have some new interest

Community Engagement Challenge

  • @Deadline for the final round was earlier this month.

  • Winners will be announced in live showcase on April 7 at 17:00 UTC (https://events.gnome.org/event/75/)

  • We would like help promoting the showcase - share the link and invite people!

  • Also looking for more people/companies who might be interested in sponsoring a new challenge, if you know of anyone reach out to Melissa, Caroline, or Molly (https://foundation.gnome.org/team/)

Google Season of Docs

  • @Sri and @kprogri working on project, submitted application to Google

  • Will have answer from Google on April 16

  • Need to promote on social, news, etc to get more interest from technical writers