Engagement Team January 2022 meeting notes

And here are the notes from the January 2022 engagement meeting. Please enjoy the content and read it carefully.

Engagement Team Meeting January, 25th 2022 - 18:00 UTC meeting notes.


The 2020-2021 Annual Report - OliverPropst.

GNOME development updates - OliverPropst.
Several posts with interesting updates about the development of the project has been recently been published on Planet Gnome (feel welcome to have a look at some of the posts which are linked below)

Firefox/Wayland update

GNOME live streaming.

Idea. Create a page on the GNOME Wiki about live-streaming as a resource for people who is interested to get involved with GNOME and live coding.

AI: Oliver Are happy to create a wiki page about live streaming on the GNOME wiki.

Appreciation from note from OliverPropst
I would kind of find it appropriate if everyone in the GNOME community sent kind wishes for everyone who is doing efforts with regards to advancing the state of the project in this for many difficult and challenging times.

GNOME @ FOSDEM 2022 Online

GNOME will have a chatroom booth at @FOSDEM2022, next week (first week of February 2022)

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