Engagement August meeting notes

The meeting notes from the Engagement teams August meeting
also available at https://wiki.gnome.org/Engagement/TeamMeetings/21-August-2020


  • Britt Yazel
  • Caroline Henriksen
  • Kristi Progri
  • bilelmoussaoui
  • Chinwendu
  • Sri Ramkrishna
  • Thibault Martin
  • Gaurav Agrawal


2021 Planning (Goals)



  • Sri - This process started with the Chaoss project: https://chaoss.community/
  • Documenting the roles needed to sustain a project
  • Looking at personas (who is entering and what do they need)
  • Doing research on badge programs, but there are cons to consider about creating such a system

Social Media

  • We have a Gitlab project for social media and news: https://gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Engagement/Social-Media-and-News anyone can post issues to it for items they would like to see on the GNOME channels.

  • Currently @Caroline and @Thib are using it to create ideas and schedule posts in social media channels

  • Goal for the future is to expand and create a larger social media team
    Before doing that we need to create a guide and rules for posting on social media as GNOME - staff project

  • @Thib - would like to see a better connection between the technical contributors and Foundation/engagement it would be a good idea for engagement team members to contribute on one technical project per year


Undergoing a multi-stage update/redesign for w.go

  • Starting by porting over existing pages to a new template - this will help with updating some of the older pages that were custom built (like the homepage)
  • Following that we can start on a larger redesign project - this will include more people and feedback
  • Would potentially also like to refresh the wiki by moving to a newer system

@Sri - to successfully figure out the wiki we need to figure out how we create and maintain content there - a lot of the current information that are outdated and wrong (also true for developer.org)

@bwyazel - pro archiving the wiki so we can start fresh and not have to carry forward all the outdated information

@Thib - UX design team has some issues with the current site: outdated images of GNOME on the main page, and inconsistent images on other pages - showing older versions of the GNOME wiki - apps section is really out of date, maybe we don’t need that section because we now use flatpak and flathub

How will other people know what these plans are and what parts they’re responsible for ? - like adding content to a new wiki


  • The GNOME shop is up and running.

  • The goal of the shop is to get GNOME branded merch into the hands of our community members.

  • It’s small scale, and we don’t want to expand to much because we do not have the bandwidth and we do not want to cause any issues with our non-profit status

  • We plan to continue to update, maintain, and add new items to the shop

  • The shop is not a solution for SWAG - those items we will still need to order per event.

  • We should take a look at the existing Gitlab project for requesting swag and refine it where needed - most importantly we need to be clear that requests need to come in with enough time to place an order.

  • We also need to find away to let the rest of the community know that’s how they should request swag.

  • The diversity and inclusion initiative also created a wiki about requesting swag - we should review and make sure the information is the same and possibly combine these two areas so people are only requesting in one place.


  • We would like to build teams of organizers for events throughout the year - to get more people involved.
  • Recruitment for these teams might have to be done every year right around when we want to start planning these events so that people can start working on tasks right away.
  • Action item: need to create a list of roles that organizers.

Additional Thoughts

  • Can the engagement team publish a report every month about what they’re doing, what the goals are, etc
  • Would help shed light on activities for technical people?
  • Molly is looking for more people to write for the enagement blog - this could be a good place to write these kinds of reports: https://blogs.gnome.org/engagement/
  • This information can come out of the monthly meetings - just pull out the points and action items and turn them into a blog
  • Action: Connect @Molly’’’ and @Thib’’’ to discuss this.
  • Action: @Caroline to look at https://dev.to/ and decide if we want to share blogs there (note: this would be automatic resharing which we should be cautious about doing under the Foundation name).

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