Editable Cells from gtk4-demo issue

For my SDT app I would need a treeview structure similar to “Editable Cells” from gtk4-demo. I was already going to create it, but then I noticed that we always get

(gtk4-demo:2231): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 18:12:25.978: gtk_css_node_insert_after: assertion ‘previous_sibling == NULL || previous_sibling->parent == parent’ failed

when we edit the text field. Seems to be a serious known issue. So should I better use GtkColumnView for GTK4? I would still have to learn about GtkColumnView, and check if it is supported well by the Nim bindings. Unfortunately GtkColumnView is not well supported by a simple example at all, I found two very complex external example programs, which may take me some time to understand and to convert to Nim when possible at all. (https://github.com/taozuhong/GtkColumnViewDemo and https://github.com/ToshioCP/Gtk4-tutorial/blob/main/gfm/sec29.md)

And can GtkColumnView give me a compact design as TreeView has. I would really need a compact one, because my data looks like

Name Num. Style Group L V

Ground 0  Fat   GND   0 1
Power  1  Thin  P     0 1
Signal 2  Thin  S     0 1
Remark 3  ANO   0     0 0

with 16 to 64 lines. The two rightmost columns are boolean checkmarks.

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