Easytag maintenance

There is a fairly serious issue with Easytag which has been understood (with a fix available) for a year now. Unfortunately we haven’t had any response from the maintainer, who I also tried contacting via the email address in the DOAP file a month ago. Given this, what can we do to get fixes applied to Easytag?

I don’t have time available to maintain this myself but I would investigate/fix other issues. However, I’m not inclined to spend time working on Easytag if there is no chance that a fix would be accepted.

This issue is particularly frustrating because it is serious (Easytag is corrupting the start of OGG files, possibly whole albums at a time, which cannot be fixed without writing a bespoke tool to do so) and the minimum fix is trivial - revert an earlier commit! This revert is done by the first commit in the MR.

Some distributions are already excluding the offending commit and others are disabling OGG support. My distribution (Fedora) did neither and I corrupted two albums before realizing something was wrong. I was lucky because I had a copy I could restore from and didn’t need to dig out original CDs and a drive.

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Replying to myself to keep the topic open just in case any GNOME folk are is still looking into this.

Interesting, David King is clearly still around just apparently busy (a common problem of course)

Hopefully they will respond soon, I see they were only mentioned MR more recently - it’s perfectly possible they simply didn’t know the MR existed before that - and the recent comments should have bumped it up their inbox

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