Dumb question #69: where did the email get saved?

I’m using IMAP and I can’t find an email that was saved and not sent last night.

Last thing last night I composed a new email but couldn’t send it due to connectivity problems. I was tired and I don’t remember exactly what Evolution said, but it was along the lines of “Can’t save to Drafts, saving to system”.

Now this morning I can’t find the email. It’s not in my Sent folder, it’s not in my Drafts folder, and I can’t find an Outbox. Can anyone help?

While on the subject, what’s going on with Outbox? Should I have one? Is it controlled by a setting?

Thanks :pray:

“On This Computer” (not IMAP) should have a Drafts folder and the actual Outbox.

I have no Outbox!


I wrote “On This Computer”. NOT IMAP accounts.

Make sure “Edit > Preferences > Mail Accounts > On This Computer” is active.

Thanks. If there’s an emoji for “that went right over my head I’m afraid” I’d use it now. So you’re saying IMAP accounts have no Outbox (I think).

So I now have an Outbox! Great. Looks like my missing message wasn’t saved though while it was disabled. Oh well.

Yes, IMAP itself has no concept of an Outbox. :slight_smile:

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