Drawing in GLArea with GJS


Hey! I am trying to draw the OpenGL in GLArea, with JavaScript in Workbench. And I can’t find something about using GLArea with JS, I tried this, for example , just clear the area :

const gl_area = workbench.builder.get_object("gl_area");

let render = function (area, context) {

  return true;
gl_area.connect("render", render);

All functions in comments do not possible to find.

Any advices, suggestions, something?

*also will be usefull if you know apps with OpenGL with GJS

OpenGL is not introspected via gobject-introspection, and gjs does not have a custom binding for it. That means that it cannot be used from javascript.

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Maybe you know a not custom bindings? I mean, Epoxy in C and in GTK, and it possible to write a custom binding(cuz all possible,heh). I mean I can be very naive in this, and had saw the Gobject-Inrospection site, and not sure can I or not can I write it, not really understand complexity of this, and from where to start also…

Libepoxy is not a GObject-based library, so you can’t use introspection to make bindings for it. You would need something like the Cairo module in GJS, with handwritten bindings; unfortunately, the API exposed by libepoxy is dependent on the GL specification, which means you’d have to generate the binding code as well. In practice, it’s not exactly trivial to write a JavaScript binding for OpenGL.

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