Drag and drop windows through workspaces

How can I drag and drop windows through workspaces with the mouse? E.g., I move the window, reach the right border of my screen and it move the window to the “next” workspace.

Note that:

  • I already have shortcuts for that, but I also have this different use case where I need the mouse
  • I don’t use Activities and don’t plan to use it
  • I don’t want to use the topbar window right click for that use case as I sometimes have to move over 3-4 workspaces
  • Possibly this is something that should exist out of the box, but got disabled by an extension I installed or manual configuration

Thanks for any help.

Dragging a window to right/left edge of the screen will initiate half tiling it. I don’t think there is a “flip to adjacent workspace” alternative when dragging, maybe with an extension. You can however right-click the window titlebar / headerbar and select the Move to Workspace Right/Left option.

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Thanks but this is not what I search for since I sometimes have to move over 3-4 workspaces. Will edit my question.

Looks like the answer to my question is Overview.

Like, assign a keybinding to “Show Overview” or use default Super + s and then drag and drop. This is just a different way to do things, and it has the benefit of making it possible to drag and drop from first to last workspace without having to pass in all the workspaces, one per one.

Found another solution: dragging a window and switching workspace with Super + mouse-wheel works perfectly. Weird combination and ergonomic, but why not…

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