Drag and Drop order from nautilus to other apps

Using Files 43 with my usual daily workflow i noticed something.
I am currently in the process of converting my audiobook collection and this process involved selecting a bunch of mp3s in files (CTRL + A) and dragging them into another application (freac for example).

The order in which this files are added to the other applications seems to have changed with version 43.
In Gnome 42 those files were always added in the same order that they presented in the filemanager. Now they are always added in the reverse order.

For example if i order them in Files A-Z they are added in the other application as Z-A and the other way arround.
This is really confusion and can’t be a desired behavior :slight_smile:
Can someone else confirm this , Im running 43.0.

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I ran into the same issue with copying multiple file paths to a text editor (pastes the files sorted the other way, and uses spaces to separate file paths instead of a newline as it did before). This does not happen with the Nightly flatpak so I think it’s been fixed already.

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I have noticed this behavior too with the Audacious player. But it’s in qt, so probably qt is to blame.
Tried a gtk player (quod libet) and the order was correct.


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