Download latest glib.lib file

we are using G-Streamer in our application and we notice there is a leak in the application and it is pointing to the g_main_loop_run.

  • How do we check the glib.lib version used in our application
  • How do we download only the latest glib.lib file, I can download the latest glib version but unable to find the glib.lib file.

Could you please help us.

If you run the following command it will print out details about glib’s version:

GST_DEBUG=4 gst-inspect-1.0
0:00:00.000026200 331012 0x561647c77c00 INFO                GST_INIT gst.c:592:init_pre: Initializing GStreamer Core Library version 1.20.0
0:00:00.000044515 331012 0x561647c77c00 INFO                GST_INIT gst.c:593:init_pre: Using library installed in /usr/lib64
0:00:00.000052440 331012 0x561647c77c00 INFO                GST_INIT gst.c:611:init_pre: Linux fedora 5.18.7-200.fc36.x86_64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Sat Jun 25 20:06:14 UTC 2022 x86_64
0:00:00.000169752 331012 0x561647c77c00 INFO                GST_INIT gstmessage.c:129:_priv_gst_message_initialize: init messages
0:00:00.000416490 331012 0x561647c77c00 INFO                GST_INIT gstcontext.c:86:_priv_gst_context_initialize: init contexts
0:00:00.012345370 331012 0x561647c77c00 INFO                GST_INIT gst.c:833:init_post: GLib runtime version: 2.72.2
0:00:00.012351672 331012 0x561647c77c00 INFO                GST_INIT gst.c:835:init_post: GLib headers version: 2.71.1
0:00:00.012356050 331012 0x561647c77c00 INFO                GST_INIT gst.c:837:init_post: initialized GStreamer successfully

Here for example it says that GStreamer was compiled against glib version 2.71.1 and its using version 2.72.2 when its running.

If you want to use a newer version of glib you will have to either compile it yourself or ask the distro you are using to update the package.

What is a .lib file?

It’s a file containing all the exported symbols of a DLL, on Windows.

Thanks Jordan,

the below command also prints the glib version on windows.
gst-inspect-1.0.exe --gst-debug-level=4

C:\gstreamer\1.0\mingw_x86\bin>gst-inspect-1.0.exe --gst-debug-level=4

0:00:01.102557651 10552 00759080 INFO GST_INIT gst.c:834:init_post: GLib runtime version: 2.62.6
0:00:01.110201790 10552 00759080 INFO GST_INIT gst.c:836:init_post: GLib headers version: 2.62.6
0:00:01.118697709 10552 00759080 INFO GST_INIT gst.c:837:init_post: initialized GStreamer successfully

We are currently using glib 2.50.3 version and currently seeing increase in the memory allocation.
when we capture the UMDH and it is pointing to the below snippet.


Are there any fixes for this in the above versions of Glib ?

Hello Mohammed Asif!

My suggestion is to use the latest GStreamer bundle from Download GStreamer

It may happen that the application works without recompilation, YMMV.

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