Double click on already selected item will often not open item in Nautilus

My issue happens when I use Nautilus in list view. When an item is already selected with an extra rectangle showing around the text, double clicking on it will often just remove that rectangle around the text instead of opening the item.

It happens on Ubuntu 20.04 and in Debian 10.06 Gnome.

How to reproduce

  • open Nautilus
  • select list view
  • select item with the mouse
  • change selected item with the keyboard arrows (a rectangle should show around the text of the selected item)
  • activate selected item with a double click
  • if it everything works normally, try again

It can be very annoying when working a lot in the file manager.

Please let me know if you have the same issue or if something similar has been reported yet. (I hope I am posting in the correct place.)

Thanks :slight_smile:



There’s an option in the preferences that allows entering a directory or opening a file with a simple click. This might remove a bit of annoyance here for you.

I can reproduce what you express here. Basically, the rectangle made with little dots that appears around the file name and icon represents the focus on an element, and when you do the first click of the double click then it removes the focus from it and only records one click on the underlying row (where you’d need two for the double click). It doesn’t actually makes sense to allow focusing the filename+icon here, since the row is already selected.

You can select multiple files with Space and open them all with Enter.

Thanks for your quick replies !

It will not. In fact it will add even more annoyance. I cannot live with single click for many reasons; one of them being that selecting an item with the mouse then becomes unnecessarily tedious.

I totally agree with that. Although it might be useful as described by @vgaetera, it still doesn’t make sense that it interferes with the simple action of activating items by double clicking on them.

And thus my next question is : Is there a way to fix it ourselves or ask the developers to do something about it? Gnome is so perfect but that very thing drives me nuts. Also switching file manager isn’t a proper solution in my humble opinion. I mean, I must not be the only one that cares about that annoyance…?

You can file a bug, or clone the source repository to work on a fix—and then open a merge request for the maintainers to review.

Even if you file an issue, nobody is under any obligation of fixing it immediately—or ever. Everyone working on Nautilus is a volunteer.

This issues is already reported and a fix is under review

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