Does JavaFX filechooser make use of portals?

Seeing there are a few flatpak Java apps, I am wondering if the JavaFX filechooser use org.freedesktop.portal.FileChooser portal so it works in Flatpak sandbox environments. If not, how does Flathub’s Eclipse and Netbeans do it?

Have you tried asking on a JavaFX support forum? JavaFX is not really part of GNOME.

As far as I know, Eclipse doesn’t really use JavaFX: it has its own GUI toolkit, which wraps GTK on Linux. It might be the case that internally it uses GtkFileChooserNative underneath its Java wrapper.

In any case, both Eclipse and Netbeans on Flathub have --filesystem=host privileges, so they don’t really make use of a portal because they have access to the host file system. If they ever wanted to reduce their privileges, they would indeed need to use the document and/or the file chooser portal.

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