Does gnome-shell use gtk3 or gtk4?

If gtk3, when will it move to gtk4?

Want to know because this package uses gtk3: Tree - rpms/gnome-shell -

GNOME Shell (and Mutter) use GTK3 for some of the internals—themes and icons, mostly.

The Extensions application shipped inside GNOME Shell 40 uses GTK4.

I don’t think there’s a tracker issue for that.

Also server-side window decorations for X11 clients. And X11 event dispatching largely clings on a X11 GdkDisplay.

This came from, I think :).

This is no run of the mill port, there’s a series of complex tasks that need to happen before we can move away from gtk3, there’s no single timeline and no simple answer.

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Also Xembed (legacy status icons) support.

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