Does Evolution support FIDO2 with Oauth

I tried to set up an Email Account in evolution with gamail and the account uses FIDO2 as Second factor.

the auth dialog did not work with my fido2 usb dongle and I had to use another auth mehthod as second factor.

Did I miss something or is this not possible with Evolution?


Hi, please always mention your application version. Thanks.

apart of what Andre said, with the “gamail”, do you mean Gmail, aka
Google mail, please?

There is used WebKitGTK widget to allow the OAuth2 wizard in the
window. USB dongle support/access depends on the WebKitGTK and your
Evolution version (like a Flatpak version runs in a sandbox, which can
prevent access to the local devices).

You can click on the arrow (if your version has it) on the right of the
URL above the wizard to open the wizard in your default browser. There
can be some obstacles to get the key from a Google OAuth2 wizard with
older version of Evolution than 3.50.2.


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