Doc: gtk3 child properties


Gtk3 uses “child properties” to manage packing widgets in containers.
They were documented in the old gtk-doc, but not anymore in the new gi-docgen, because not exported in gi.

Since the “developer-old” website was decommissioned, we don’t have anymore a generally available documentation of these properties
(some distros provide the gtk-doc, locally installable, but the damned souls working on exotic platforms like win32 don’t have anything out of the box…)

Would it make sense to “hardcode” the child properties in the doc the same way we already do for the “CSS nodes”?
As gtk3 APIs are frozen, that should not be a maintenance issue.

Yes, but also remember that the GTK3 reference is not written for gi-docgen.

The recommendation, for GTK3, is to use a local copy of the API reference provided by your distribution.

If you want to open a merge request for adding that documentation to the class description, feel free to do so.

I’ll have a look if I can do something clean.

(but that will be lower prio on my side, I’ll focus on fixing the remaining blockers that prevent my apps upgrade to gtk4)

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