Do we have support for 2D Menu in Gtk?

The above pic is from Blender (which uses its home-built graphics kit), I like that 2D menu, is it possible to create one similarly with Gtk?

You can use a GtkPopover to define a complex menu structure.

Expected; wanted to know if Gtk has built-in support for 2D menu, anyway np :smiley:

There is an internal widget called GtkTreeMenu but:

  1. is private
  2. it uses tree models and cell renderers
  3. it’s gone away from GTK4, just like every other GtkMenu-related widget

Popovers can hold complex widgets, which means they can deal with complex layouts; menus cannot, because menu widgets were written for very specific UI guidelines.


I see. Are the methods Gtk.Box.pack_start,Gtk.Box.pack_end being dropped too? After the release or just as the Gtk 4 is developing, can we get a list of changes that must be taken care while making apps for future compatibility?


We have a whole porting guide. It’s usually kept up to date, and will definitely be the canonical source on release.


Found a typo;, it should be “Adapt to GtkBox API changes”

Good eye!

You can fix it and open a merge request, and I’ll be happy to review and merge it.

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Done! Forking took time…

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