Dnd_event_put issues on Windows

e->dnd.x_root = pt.x + _gdk_offset_x;
e->dnd.y_root = pt.x + _gdk_offset_y;

Why am I using GTK again? A question I ask myself quite a few times a day.

That bug was fixed in gtk 3.22.27, released in Feb 2018.

So maybe the right question is why does the windows download give me v3.22.19? And how do I get to a more recent build?

Specifically I’m using vcpkg to build it myself, just according to the instructions.

I’ve proded the vcpkg maintainers to update to something recent.

For the record, the current stable release of gtk is 3.24.10. MSYS2 has that version.

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As much as that might be easier to build it doesn’t give me the ability to step into the GTK code to see what’s going on under the hood with the Visual Studio debugger. Which I’m using for the main app development. vcpkg is a double edged sword, you get VS compatibility but really old versions.

I’m trying to build v3.24.10 now with vcpkg… see how it goes.

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