Distributing a Qt app in a flatpak with WebEngine

I am attempting to package my Qt app as a flatpak.
It relies heavily on QtWebEngine, so I used this as a base app: GitHub - flathub/io.qt.qtwebengine.BaseApp

I am using qt6 with org.kde.Sdk and org.kde.Platform.
It packages successfully but then I get this error immediately when the app opens: module “QtWebEngine” plugin “qtwebenginequickplugin” not found.

The line in question is simply “import QtWebEngine” (QML).
The reason I am posting this here is because when the app is run on the host system (without flatpak) it works completely fine.

This is the wrong Discourse in which to ask that question.

You probably want the Flathub Discourse instance.

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Alright, sorry about that.
I have zero idea on how to delete this post, though.


No need! Instead, just leave a link to your post on Flathub’s Discourse so that any future humans who wind up here from a web search can find the continued discussion.

Good Idea!
Here is the new post: Distributing a Qt app in a flatpak with WebEngine - Tutorials and Tips - Flathub Discourse

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