Display gnome app-drawer as desktop

So I’ve more or less read through the source code of both the DING extension and the icongrid/AppDrawer (Source) from gnome but I can’t figure out how I would fuse the two to use the AppDrawer as a desktop.
My goal is to write a combined gnome shell Extension which will accomplish this along a few other things.

excerpt from DING gitlab:

The code is divided in two parts: a classic Gtk3 program that manages the whole desktop, and a little extension (comprised only by the files ‘extension.js’, ‘gnomeShellOverride.js’, ‘visibleArea.js’ and ‘emulateX11WindowType.js’) that have these roles:

  • Launch the desktop program at startup, relaunch it if it dies, and kill it if the extension is disabled
  • Identify the desktop windows and keep it at the bottom of the windows stack, in all desktops
  • Detect changes in the desktop/monitors geometry and notify the main desktop program of them

These two last items are paramount in Wayland systems, because there an application can neither set its role as freely as in X11, nor get that information.

I Intend to use gnome as an application launcher for a private open source automotive embedded solution and need an easy to use, high quality, customizable touch App-Grid.

If anybody could give me a little insight on where to start with this I would be really grateful because it’s hard getting into gjs development as there are spare references (and also difficult to interpret component names!)

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