Disks formatting bugged out on USB?

I began formatting a 1Tb FAT USB into LUKS format using the full format method with the Disks app. It’s taken a little over 12 hours. The little spinner in the app, next to the drive in question has not stopped spinning. It had about 2.3GB of files that I wanted overwritten. Is this taking too long…? Is there a way to check the actual progress, other than the endless spinning spinner? Should I risk unplugging the drive and trying again?

The following issues seem related to the one you described. So, you can update them.


If you are facing issues with GNOME Disks app in future, you can always open a new issue at:


Normally, you need to specify the application tag while creating a new topic in GNOME discourse, so the interested audience of the app ( including the app maintainer(s) ) will be notified of your topic. But, in this case there doesn’t seem to be a tag for GNOME Disks app.

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