Discourse does not work on my web browsers

The discourse does not work on my primary and secondary web browsers, as the image bellow shows:

This forces me to use my secondary operating system to be able to use a browser that works here. An absurd situation. from my point of view

I also have not received any help in my last few posts. So the quality of support here leaves a lot to aspire.

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Which web browser is that?

You haven’t received any help because you’re a niche packager doing something extremely weird, and doing it in a very weird way. Nobody is trying to package old and unsupported software the way you’re doing.

You misunderstood: this forum, like the rest of the GNOME community, is managed by volunteers. You’re not paying anybody for support, here, so there’s no expectation of getting an answer.


Hey Discourse maintainer here :wave:

Discourse supports the current supporter versions of Firefox and Chromium on Linux. That said we don’t actively block any browsers, only feature detect to decide between rendering the basic view or the full fledged app.

Forks of those browsers who stopped rebasing too long ago will probably fail the feature check.

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