Disabling the login keyring

Is there a way to completely disable and forbid “login keyring” creation?

I do NOT want any of my passwords remembered. I do NOT want to click “Cancel” several times every time some application wants to create a login keyring. I want to completely remove this functionality, never create the login keyring, and never even be asked to create it.

At the same time, I do not want to remove gnome-keyring completely - I like the rest of its functions (SSH agent and GPG keyrings). I just want to disable the “login keyring”.

The only answer on the Internet is “set a empty password and be happy that you can at least do that. BTW your passwords are now stored unencrypted without even asking for your permission.”

I noticed this because I have autologin enabled. Now I simply don’t have a choice; but, as far as I understand, if I didn’t have autologin, then I wouldn’t even be aware that my passwords are remembered somewhere without my consent. And encrypted by my login password, which does not necessarily have to be adequately strong, because all sensitive things are protected by other passwords which are not stored anywhere (as far as the user is aware). I’d say this is a major security problem.

I’ve tried logging out and logging in again, this time having to type my password. The login keyring is created without my permission, and on next login, I’m presented with “Unlock your keyring” dialog. It won the long war against me. :slight_smile: Now I have to install Seahorse and go remove the keyring. Fighting against your OS - or in this case, against your security software! - is something I have (not) missed since Windows.

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