Disable unwanted audio devices

As requested in the original issue, I would like to discuss this:

TL;DR: Disabled audio devices should not appear in the settings menu. This is also relevant for the newly introduced “quick switching” menu in Gnome 43:

Additionally, I would like to add that for “enabled” devices (i.e. ones that are not set to “off” in pulseaudio), I do not want the menu to mix devices and profiles. E.g. the “Analog Output” and “Digial Output” of my D1 dac are profiles, not separate devices.

A solution to solve both problems (for me at least) could be to add a switch (gsettings, checkbox, etc.) to only show currently available pulseaudio devices with their current profile instead of all possible device/profile combinations.


+1. Thanks for opening this. Tangentially, a manual way to prioritize (set default and fallback) sinks might be useful.

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