Disable same origin policy for dev purposes

I’m looking for a way to disable Same Origin Policy for testing apps but I can’t find any resource to do that, it is posible? Thanks in advance

Not possible. (Do other browsers allow this?)

Later versions of Safari allow you to Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions. Just enable the developer menu from Preferences >> Advanced, and select “Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions” from the develop menu.
see https://stackoverflow.com/a/12158217

In Chrome, this can be done by launching with the flag --disable-web-security or by using an extensión like Allow CORS: Access-Control-Allow-Origin.

If Safari allows it, then there must be Cocoa WebKit API already, which means it shouldn’t be hard to add corresponding WebKitGTK API if desired. (That said, I wonder if it might be more practical to just use another browser when you need this.)

I’d hesitate to add a preference like Safari’s since preferences can be left enabled by mistake. A command line flag like Chrome’s seems safer.

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