Disable HiDPI for an app on Gnome Wayland cont

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I just found

and indeed scaling like

$ GDK_DPI_SCALE=1.2 gnome-calculator

works fine on my wayland box. (I was looking for scaling because default screenshots are too large when I take them on my 4k box and put picture in a html page. Scaling with image-magic would be an option of course also.)

That’s text scaling which as you’ve said and I failed to say in my first post, does indeed work on both Wayland and Xorg.

Problem is when you have widget+text scaling, which is equivalent on Xorg as GDK_SCALE=2 for 200%.

Anyway I found a workaround for GTK apps, which is change the backend of that specific app to Xorg. Example:


Or change to KDE, if such option makes sense to oneself.

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