Disable Gnome Extension version validation

Gnome versions evolve in such a pace that theirs extensions aren’t immediately available.
The Browser addon " GNOME Shell integration" by Yuri Konotopov, mentions the gsettings/dconf option to to disable version check for Gnome extensions using the following key:

On Gnome 40/41 using Fedora 34/35, there is no such key:
dconf dump / | grep disable-extension-version-validation won’t return anything

Other web searches on this topic lead to outdated solutions

How can I disable version check for Gnome extensions to use my local extensions, say from Gnome 40 to Gnome 41, until said extensions are updated to the next compatible version ?

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dconf is a database that is used as a semi-dumb storage backend – it will not contain values for settings you have not changed. You should use gsettings command, which actually ensures correct values are written according to GSettings schmas: gsettings set org.gnome.shell disable-extension-version-validation true

Just note that the version validation is there for a reason and extensions for older versions of GNOME Shell might not work or using them might cause shell instability or other issues.


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