Disable all Notification and Tray Icon

Hi, i want to disable all kind of notification when there are new mails or calendar events. I disabled everything in the settings and disabled also the auto start for “evolution alarm notification”. there are no notification for new mails but for calendar events using the normal notification system of xfce. there is also an tray icon that cannot be closed even evolution is closed.

i want to disable the notification for calendar events and the tray icon.

Hi, a “tray icon” for what exactly? Which kind of “calendar events” create notifications? Meetings, appointments? Did you create these events yourself, or did someone else create them?

I disabled everything in the settings


could you be a bit more specific what “everything” means here, please?
The Edit->Preferences->Calendar and Tasks->Reminders section lists
which calendars and task lists can be used for the evolution-alarm-
notify. I suppose this is not the part of the “everything” you disabled
in the settings, maybe?

and disabled also the auto start for “evolution alarm notification”

The evolution-alarm-notify is ensured to be started when Evolution is
started, thus disabling the auto-start is not enough.


Here is a screenshot of the tray icon and the menu when i right click on it. its in german i couldn’t find an option to change the interface language to english in evolution.

These strings are defined in evolution-data-server/src/services/evolution-alarm-notify/e-alarm-notify.c and evolution-data-server/data/org.gnome.evolution-data-server.calendar.gschema.xml.in. I have no idea if that “tray icon” thingie is Evolution code itself though. GNOME has no tray.

Then those are from the evolution-alarm-notify. The icon is shown only if there are any pending notifications. When you left-click the icon a Reminders window will open and you can “Dismiss All” of them in one click. Then the icon will disappear.

Info/questions in my previous post still applies.

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