Different password apps

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I’ve found:

I would like to understand how they’re linked between: if some are similar, if they do different things which can be done in the same time, if one uses another, …

  • gnome-keyring is a storage for secrets that is meant to be used by applications, e.g. to store log-in data for services used in the application, such as mail credentials, etc. if you click on “remember login” or something like that. You are free to not do that and use Secretes instead, filling in that information manually if you like.
  • Seahorse can be used to access gnome-keyring, but also handles SSH and OpenPGP keys
  • Secrets handles files in Keepass’s format for you to manage your passwords, TOTP and other stuff. it is the classic “personal password manager”. While this is also somewhat possible with Seahorse and gnome-keyring, it is highly awkward to do and not the intended use-case.
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The gnome-keyring project is a service, not an application. It stores secrets in a secure way, and provides an implementation of the Secret Service API for applications to use.

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Why does not it use gnome-keyring to store them?

Could you explain that, please? :slight_smile:

Because it is an app to handle KeePass files under GNOME: Secrets – Apps for GNOME

No. It’s not worth it.