Different keyboard shortcut for emoji input

Hello dear GNOME community. I’m a GNOME user since years, and I’m enjoying GNOME 41.2 right now.

In previous versions, I used to type that secret key combination of Ctrl+Shift+E to input emojis anywhere.

I didn’t like the fact that it was secret, and not so much ergonomic, but I liked to put emojis everywhere.

Now GNOME 41 changed that to Ctrl+.. It’s more ergonomic indeed, but the problem is that it’s a very common shortcut in many apps or extensions. Thus I’ve lost ability to use them in many places.

My proposal is that this gets moved to something lice Super+.. Usually no apps bind the Super key, and besides of being ergonomic, it’s the same as MS Windows uses, so that becomes familiar to more users.

Then, document that to make it no longer secret, and stop moving the shortcut from one place to another during releases (I can’t remember how many times this specific stuff has changed… :sweat:), or even better, make it configurable just like any other shortcut.

Then it would be extrasupernice if emoji could be found not only in English but also in user’s language. But I think that’s probably more complex.

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