Dia - Feature Request scalable object via numerical values + adjustment of page size corresponding to setting

Hi All,

I’m new to dia and Gnome discourse.
I tried hard to find a forum on dia or a mailing list and finally I found my way here.

I was looking for a openSource program for creating flowchart diagrams.
I am using version 0.97.3 on openSUSE Leap 15.4 OS.

The start with the program was quite easy and I created some flow charts.

I like the program very much.

At first what bothers a bit is that there seems to be no size display or setting option for the objects e.g. rectangles, circles, etc. via numerical values.
I could not find a set up to manipulate this e. g. via the properties.

The second major problem is the size of the working sheet. As a novice, you draw blithely.

Afterwards, I realized that there is a size problem in relation to the page size.
Although you can set the page size to A3 (297 x 420 mm) in the settings, I have not observed that this has any effect on the of page rulers or the arrangement of the blue background helplines.

Unfortunately, after exporting e.g. as *.svg file, I noticed that the flowchart was much larger than I wanted despite the adjustment of paper size in the menu.
Also the resulting line thickness of objects and lines has been much larger than in dia program.

These items will be on my wishlist.

Would it be possible to implement such features?

Kind regards

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