Device Security feature Guide

Device Security comes with Gnome 43. Thats an awesome feature.
It would very helpful if it was a guide helping you secure the system.
Is there any out there?Post them here and let create a guide.

  1. Level 1
  • Intel Managemenent Engine Version

  • UEFI Platform Key

  • TPM v2.0
    You can enable it on your BIOS on Boot settings.

  • Firmware BIOS Region

  • Firmware Writ Protection Lock

  • Platform Debugging

  • Intel Management Engine Manufacturing Mode

  • UEFI Secure Boot

  • Firmware Write Protection

  • Intel Management Engine Override

  • TPM Platform Configuration

  1. Level 2
  • Intel BootGuard Fuse
  • Intel BootGuard Verified Boot
  • Intel BootGuard Protected
  • Intel BootGuard
  • TPM Reconstruction
  • IOMMU Protection
  • Platform Debugging
  1. Level 3
  • Suspend To RAM
  • Intel BootGuard Error Policy
  • Pre-boot DMA Protection
  • Intel CET Enabled
  • Suspend To Idle
  • Encrypted RAM
  • Intel SMAP

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