Devhelp scrolling extremely slow

Since some days I cannot use anymore Devhelp as when I scroll, every rendered documentation the (WebKit) webview cannot almost be scrolled.

The content is rendered in a couple of seconds and when I scroll, each step has a delay of a couple of seconds as well.

I’ve tried to open the documentation directly in different web browsers, and I noticed that, while faster than devhelp, all the WebKit GTK based browsers are way slower than the alternatives. Even other WebKit engines are faster (normal).

I’ve tested the flatpak, to be sure to have all the latest libs and gnome dependencies, and also to exclude Fedora.

Debugging at a GTK level doesn’t show anything I consider interesting, so I wanted to debug the webview, but the only strange thing I noticed, using the webkitb developer tools, is that the page never end the loading phase, never.

So now I’m a nit stuck and don’t know where tp look at.

Does anybody got a similar problem or have a clear idea on how to debug what’s going on?


At least I’ve found out a workaround, setting WEBKIT_DISABLE_COMPOSITING_MODE=1 fixes my main issue.

Hope it can help others

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