Devhelp assistant steal focus despite focus-mode and focus-new-windows settings

Hi all,

I use the devhelp vim plugin, that execute devhelp -a keyword with the word under the cursor in the vim buffer.

Every time a word is found, the devhelp assistant window show up the function documentation, and it steals the focus, so I’ve to switch back to the vim windows, interrupting my workflow.

It happened also in the past and I found a workaround, but I cannot remember what I have done.

At the moment I’m using GNOME 3.32.2 on RH 8.5, but I’m quite sure it happens with more recent versions of GNOME and devhelp.

I’ve already verified the focus-mode and focus-new-windows settings, and I’ve tried a couple of GNOME extensions, but I’m sure that in the past I’ve fixed the problem starting devhelp differently, or setting an environment variable.

Do you know what can be the root cause or a way to work around this annoyance?


Edit: focus-new-windows is set to smart, and focus-mode to click
Edit: It seems to work when devhelp is in a different workplace

I had to switch back to i3wm as this issue was driving me crazy.

If anybody has a solution, I’ll be happy to test

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