Developing over GTK without installation

Hi, I would like not to install gtk on my client’s machine, but rather develop my app with gtk as a third party lib.
Could you please refer me to a guide on how to do it correctly?
For instance: where should I place the icons needed for the application?
I’m using gtk4

Which platform are you targeting?

On Linux, I recommend using Flatpak. On Windows, you can ship icons by matching the icon theme specification and changing the GtkIconTheme search paths.

Thx for the quick reply, I’m developing for both linux and windows.
I just finished compiling gtkmm on linux from sources, and I’ve created a small window with a switch button, I get this warning: Gtk-WARNING: Failed to load icon /org/gtk/libgtk/icons/16x16/status/switch-on-symbolic.symbolic.png: Image type “png” is not supported.
Where should I place the icons? I tried adding them to a folder next to my app dir and add the path to XDG_DATA_DIRS, but I guess that’s not it.

That error message comes from trying to load a PNG from a resource embedded into the GTK shared library; it usually means you either didn’t build PNG support in gdk-pixbuf, or you didn’t generate the loaders.cache file for gdk-pixbuf image loaders.

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Right, thx!
I used jhbuild to build the gtkmm from source, I assume the default configuration is release.
Can I build a debug configuration using jhbuild?
Is there an official installation for gtkmm?

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