Determine the column in GtkColumnView from GtkColumnVewCell

How can I determine which column a GtkColumnViewCell is in?

I can use gtk_column_view_cell_get_position to find the row but I can’t see how I can determine the column.
I might be able to use the ID in the GtkColumnViewColumn but then how do I get the GtkColumnViewColumn from the GtkColumViewCell?

I think this problem can be solved in the underlying ListStore.

Maybe this example can help.

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The same liststore is common to all columns, so I don’t think this helps.

I ended up passing the property from the create_factory (as user data) to the setup signal callback and then adding this as a data element to the cell widget (in the setup callback).
g_object_set_data( G_OBJECT( wEntry ), "column", uData );
It seems like a bit of a kludge and there should be a better way.