.desktop vs .ini

How do .desktop files differ to .ini files? Their syntax appears identical.

This is more a question about #FreeDesktop, but I’m fairly confident that in all but name, that organization is a subsidiary of GNOME.

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In general, INI files have no specification.

  • INI files use the ‘;’ character to begin comments, desktop entry files use the ‘#’ character
  • desktop entry files do not allow for ungrouped keys meaning only comments can precede the first group; some INI file parsers allow “global” keys
  • desktop entry files are always encoded in UTF-8
  • Key and Group names are case-sensitive in desktop entry files, whereas INI files are case insensitive
  • INI files don’t have a strongly typed boolean entry type, they only have GetProfileInt(); desktop entry files have true and false

No, it’s very much not. Freedesktop.org is an independent entity, managed by the X.org foundation.

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