Desktop Runtime for desktops

Gnome and other desktop environments should create a DE-runtime to solve the distro-desktop conflicts this will also help to not tie the DE to release schedules of distros and also install multiple branches of same DE ,and thus creation of DE remotes will also be needed…from the remote the only thing to be pulled is the DE and a settings app from the DE to configure it n other things to make the DE work…application will be managed by distro/user via repo/flatpaks/snaps etc…DE installation might want to install upstream/downstream defaults:apps,settings,etc…that will be pulled from user preffered source e.g flatpak/repo/snap etc…magic will happen on ostree…DE installion should also set ups apps that can be accessed in other DEs e.g Two file managers can not be viewed from same DE.
API for themes,customisation,settings for users/distro will be needed

desktop install gnome-stable “stable branch”
desktop update “update all DEs”
desktop upgrade “upgrade all DEs”

more ideas check on gnome 3.34 release video thats on your youtube channel

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