Desktop layouts

heya! , are there any plans to implement to gnome desktop layout manager? I love to use Fedora with gnome but default gnome layout ( which is not bad) to me is a bit hmm uncomfortable to use. I know that this can be done via extensions and some 3rd party apps , but it would be nice to have such an option system menu, built in . So i don’t have to look anywhere else to change it.
Like in Manjaro gnome or Zorin os
Is it in the gesture of the gnome foundation or do you have to ask the fedora devs about it?

The GNOME Foundation does not dictate technical or design directions of the GNOME project: they handle the legal aspects of the project, its infrastructure, and funding.

The Fedora devs don’t direct the GNOME development either, and they will likely tell you that they work with upstream, not against it.

GNOME doesn’t support multiple layouts for the desktop. We already have enough challenges as it is with a single layout.

What downstream projects do with their version of GNOME is entirely up to them, including support and dealing with fallout when things break.

thanks for the reply, it’s a bit of a shame as the familiar view for people migrating from windows to gnome would attract more users to it and linux as such, but also I understand your point of view, fair enough.

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